Currently Griselle resides in Miami. Born in the fishing town of Cumaná, Venezuela to a diplomat of German/Russian origin and a mechanical engineer of Trinidadian/Spanish descent, Griselle Gaudnik draws on her ancestral mix to face the constant cultural discovery and interruption of her nomadic upbringing, through Germany, Chile, Venezuela, Iran and the United States. 

       Learning to endlessly reinvent herself through drawing, painting and sewing, the parts of each culture that impacted her. Elements such as quantum physics and behavioral genetics, have also shaped her views on “Identity” into specific areas of interest such as reproduction and descendancy. These examinations are represented in large scale, sublime and delicate installations.

      Her process of creation involves tediously cutting shapes from vellum, tulle and organza, hand dying with coffee mixtures and drawing subtle forms, to turning the materials into an organic lace. Gently restraining her color palette to muted beiges, browns and ivories, she contrasts earthiness and intangibility. The individual pieces are carefully categorized and collected until the moment of assembly. Although time consuming, it provides the space for added contemplation of her identity. 

      Gossamer yet uterine the outcome is transcendental.



Bachelor in Fine Arts & Bachelor in Art History, Summa Cum Laude, Florida International University, Miami FL, September 2009 – March 2013.         

Associate in Arts, Highest Honors, Honors College MDC, Miami FL., September 2001 – March 2003.   



07/2016 – Talking to Hear our Threads Rattle, Conde Contemporar Project Space, Little Havana, FL

06/2016-08/2016 – Intersectionality, MOCA, North Miami, FL

10/2015 – Smash & Grab, Locust Projects, Miami, FL 

09/2015 – 6th Beijing International Art Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

05/2015 – Anual Interest, Young at Art Museum & BLA, Davie, FL

01/2015 – Florida Contemporary, The Baker Museum, Naples, FL

10/2014 – Naughty by Nature, BLA + 1310 Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

04/2013 – Outset, Frost Musem, FIU, Miami, FL

08/2012 – Dwelling, Plantation, FL

04/2012 – Sensoria, FIU, Miami, FL

03/2012 – FASA Silent Auction, Dina Mitrani Gallery, Wynwood, FL

01/2012 – Martin Luther King, Frost Musem, FIU, Miami, FL

12/2011 – 7th Annual The Masters’ Mystery Art Show (MMAS), Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, FL

11/2011 – Eat Lionfish, Pyramid Studios, Miami FL

10/2011 – Student Exhibition (Parallel to Hang Ten & Transformation) Miami Beach Urban Studios, FL

10/2009 – The Scavenger Project Book, Art House Co-Op.

12/2009 – Spirit, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Design District, Miami FL

06/2006 – Midnight Summer Fantasy Fashion Show, Yage, Miami FL

04/2005 – Women & Culture Festival, St. John’s Church, Miami FL



Alan Marcus Collection

Patti Sokol Collection

Martine Zinn Collection

2012  FIU School of Science, MLK Permanent Collection



Faculty Choice Award, Outset BFA Show, 2013

Certificate of Recognition for Advocacy in the Arts, Florida Higher Education Arts Network, 2011

Highest Honors FIU Fall 2010, FIU Spring 2011, Fall 2011 Reviews

Best in Show MDC Student Exhibition 2003