Florida Contemporary at The Baker Museum in Naples


Last Monday The Baker Museum opened the fifth Exhibition of Florida Contemporary, a group show highlighting Art trends  in South Florida.. About a week before that I drove to Naples  to install Cartographie Feminine, together with my friend Ralf, displayed in the latter show throughout April 26. 

It took us about 5 hours to install and despite the unflattering lighting, (which I imagine was tweaked after the installation process) this is what the piece looks like this time around:

I enjoy rather more doing the installation on the wall. The vertical format allows for closer eye level inspection. Although the horizontal display gives the piece the sense of being a model, a three dimensional cartography, a map with relief, it places boundaries on the piece which walls impose as well but with less constraint. it feels less suffocated, almost as if it was an organism grown in that same space.

I would like to explore this piece further with consecutive installations. I need to figure out ways to install on the floor. These are the technical possibilities:

  • Use foam board or mat board under the flat pieces. This would cause the really flat textiles to gain some volume, perhaps an advantage. For a flatter effect mat board could provide a dense support for the pins without adding too much relief to the lighter pieces of fabric.
  • use play dough, kneadable eraser, some kind of malleable material as a support for the pins. Something that would lightly stick to the floor and allow for the pins to stand upright.
  • Hang pieces with string from the ceiling or from a plexi glass support. For this I think the piece should be expanded.

Florida Contemporary 2015 Panphlet

10/2015 ...So It's been a while, but I think I should add my little finding in this post. Some time after Florida Contemporary was taken down, I  searched the web for any pictures of the opening or closing of the show, seeing as I was unable to attend either. This is the only thing I found:


Someone thought it was worth taking a selfie in front of my piece! (Nope, definitely not the Chihuly)