Griselle Gaudnik Cartographie Feminine Full View Naughty by Nature

Cartographie Feminine

Embroidery on Fabric and Paper, Vintage Lace, Silver

120" x 48"


      Layers of paper and fabric are destroyed, transformed by cutting, digging, ripping, tearing, soiling, smearing and staining with coffee and tea mixtures, transforming them into ephemeral lace on the verge of disintegration. Embroidery and embellishment repair the damage previously done. Materials and process enact human experience, committed mistakes and acceptance of what will remain forever unchanged. Historically a language belonging to women, embroidering is also a personal language inherited, a generational gift handed down from mother to daughter, through which I create my own dialogue, a map or topography for navigation through an emotional self-education.

Griselle Gaudnik Vagina Flowers Naughty by Nature

Vagina Flowers

Lace, Chiffon, Felt, Thread and Beads

170" x 220"

Griselle Gaudnik Vaginas for Grabs Full View
Griselle Gaudnik Vaginas for Grabs Detail

Vaginas for Grabs

100 Entomological Pins & Intaglio Prints

48" x 64"

Griselle Gaudnik Untitled Fiber Installation


Velum, Tulle, Organza, Coffee

108" x 60"